Join Santa’s Parade




General Rules For All Entries:

  • This is an “all forward motion” parade, even at the television stand. Performing groups should choreograph routines to maintain forward motion at the parade pace.
  • All entrants must conform to the description stated in their application. Any changes must be submitted, in writing, to Parade Selection Committee for approval.
  • Each entry MUST BE DECORATED and should convey the spirit of the holiday season. The parade is designed to entertain families, especially children; it is NOT to be used as a commercial, religious or political forum. NO SANTA SUITS, SANTA FIGURINES OR SIGNAGE WITH SANTA’S NAME ALLOWED. Santa will be the last entry in the parade and will be hosted by the Parade Committee. More than one Santa confuses children.
  • All entries are expected to perform courteously, in good taste and with safety in mind at all times during the formation, execution and dismissal of the parade. The Parade Committee reserves the right to withdraw any entrant or entry, from the parade, which do not conform to these Rules & Regulations. Any entry that has been withdrawn, from the parade, will not be invited back the following year.
  • The Parade Marshall will be patrolling the parade route in a marked car. Please pay attention to his instructions if he gives you any.
  • The Parade Committee’s decision regarding all entrants, their eligibility, placement and judging is final.

Safety Rules for All:

  • Parade participants MAY NOT THROW any item or items from their unit, float or vehicle. Entry out-walkers may hand things to the audience at the curb, but should not encourage the audience to leave the curb or move into the street.
  • If your out-walkers fall behind due to handing out items to the crowd, the entry unit must continue on with the pace of the parade. The parade WILL NOT STOP to wait for the walkers. The walkers will have to catch up or stay behind.
  • Parade participants MAY NOT jump onto or off of any float or moving vehicle and MAY NOT interfere with any other unit in the parade.
  • Drivers of any vehicle, in the parade, MUST HAVE a valid driver’s license, for the vehicle they are operating.
  • Entry sponsors are solely responsible for the safety and conduct of all entrants in their unit.
  • All vehicles larger than one ton and floats or displays MUST SUPPLY an out-walker by each front wheel. These out-walkers will ensure no audience member gets too close to their entry and will help ensure the audience remains on the curb.

Special Rules for Animals:

Livestock, reptiles, wild and domestic animals shall not be in the parade without specific approval by the Parade Selection Committee. Entrants are responsible for immediate removal of all animal wastes along the parade route and in the formation area.


Special Rules for Floats:

  • A float is any fully decorated structure/vehicle that depicts the parade theme. The maximum size of a float is 10 feet wide (8 1/2 feet will fit in a traffic lane to drive to the parade), 60 feet long, and 11′ 10″ high (from pavement to uppermost part of float). Traffic lights and signs overhang the route; care should be taken not to exceed height limit.
  • There is a limit of two signs (that measure no more than two feet high by four feet wide) per float for any float or display. There must be an adult on floats where there are children. We ask that all adults, children and walkers be in costumes pertaining to their float theme, not street clothes. SANTA HATS ARE ALLOWED as costumes.

Special Rules for Marching/Walking Groups:

Marching/walking entries must be preceded by marchers carrying a banner or signs, which can be read, easily at a distance of 50 feet. All identification signs or banners must be carried and/or displayed in such a way as to ensure they read even in snow or high wind. Young children (under 12) should not be assigned to carry identification banners. All units with children aged 10 or under will be expected to either station persons along the parade route or have a vehicle in their entry to assist a tired marcher.



Each year we receive a high volume of special requests (for example to be placed at the beginning of the line-up, splitting entries so children can be involved with both entries, etc.) We require that all special requests be noted on the application – no verbal request will be actioned. The Parade Committee will attempt to accommodate as many requests as possible. Please keep in mind that the first several spaces are always reserved for our Grand Marshal, dignitaries and special guests. Also note that we try to rotate units around each year.

The final parade line-up will be handed out at the pre-parade meeting on November 16th. Please contact your group representative to find out what section you are in etc.


Judging will be done by individuals selected by the Parade Committee. Parade entries can only compete in one award category as identified in the Entry Description section.
Please refer to the line-up handed out at the pre-parade meeting on November 16th to know what section you are in. Please give yourself adequate time to set up and have all your participants ready during the time they are to be judged.
Judging will take place at the following times:

Section 1 – 11:30 a.m.
Section 2 – 11:50 a.m.
Section 3 – 12:10 p.m.
Section 4 – 12:30 p.m.

Each unit will be judged on:

  • Enthusiasm (max 5 points) – how active and loud the entry participants are;
  • Appearance (max 5 points) – design, construction details, general effect and theme;
  • Bonus points (max 5 points) – creativity and cab or tow vehicle decorated.

Awards will be handed out before the parade begins. Winners are to display their awards on their entries for the crowd to see.


The 2019 pre-parade meeting will be held on November 16th .


Be sure to listen to the radio for changes or cancellations if it is too cold. Assume that it will be a go, and be sure to have all of your participants dress for the weather! Remember you could be standing around for a while before the parade starts so dress accordingly.

There will be a barbecue for all float participants and volunteers in front of the information tent on 19th street.



Please attach a separate sheet (typed, not handwritten) with any comments you wish to have made regarding your entry during the television broadcast of the Saskatoon Santa Claus Parade. If commentary is not provided, we will assume that you do not want anything mentioned. Please note that all information is subject to editing by the Parade Selection Committee and/or the commentators.

Please include the following: Description of your entry (main colours, length of time and number of people involved in building the float/entry). Who is riding/walking in your entry? Do you have a sponsor or special thanks to anyone? If your entry is an antique vehicle, what kind of vehicle is it? Has your entry participated in any other parades? Has it won any awards? Any interesting tidbits regarding your organization and its interests are also good information.