Volunteer Application Form

To become a volunteer for the 2019 Saskatoon Santa Parade, please click one of the links below.

REGISTER ONLINE: Become a Volunteer


Parade Marshal 
Parade marshals are the foundation of any successful parade. You will be dedicated to a specific intersection along the route and bestowed the following responsibilities:

  • Check in with the Parade Marshal Captain upon arrival for directions, instructions, and supplies

  • Ensure the road closures have been correctly implemented and the barricades are in position

  • Keep spectators off the road

  • Monitor the road along your section of the route and react to any possible hazards or obstructions that could affect the flow of the parade or cause any safety concerns

  • Communicate with the nearby police officers in case of an emergency (if there are no officers nearby, proceed to call 911)

Parade Marshal Captain
This leadership position plays a crucial role in the successful implementation of the parade. As Parade Marshal Captain you will be responsible for managing the team of Marshals on parade day. You will become well-versed on event procedures, strategies and schedules by meeting with the committee prior to event day for specialized orientation.

Grand Marshal Host
This role provides a unique experience that takes you from the start of the parade all the way to the finish. If you are enthusiastic and are quick to react, you would be well-suited to lead at the front of the parade, helping to make sure everything is clear up ahead and our Grand Marshal is headed safely in the right direction.

Parade Ambassador 
Anytime there is a large congregation of people, there are numerous risks to look out for. It will be your responsibility as a Parade Ambassador to ensure that the spectators are enjoying a safe and positive experience. Rude/abusive spectators will not be tolerated. If you see anyone yelling, cursing, or using any kind of unwelcomed physical contact, locate a guard from the nearest intersection to have the situation mediated at once. You will be dedicated to a specific block along the route and it will be your duty to respond to and report any incidents appropriately. All procedures will be outlined at the volunteer orientation.

Lead Ambassador 
In the volunteer information tent – you are the boss! After in-depth training from the committee, you will be prepared to set up, organize, and manage all operations within the volunteer hub. Working next to the Parade Marshal Captain, you will help Parade Ambassadors check in, direct them to their assigned areas, provide them with their materials/supplies, and communicate all instructions and clarification as necessary. You should also be prepared to communicate information about the event to any spectators, organizers, or parade participants who arrive at the tent with inquiries.

VIP Hospitality
It is important that we provide parade supporters and contest winners with a first-class experience. As VIP Hospitality you will be dedicated to the bleacher seating area where you will welcome special guests, offer and serve hot beverages, and invite them to find a seat on one of the bleachers. This role is ideal if you wish to volunteer with a friend.

Early riser? Meet us on-site first thing in the A.M. to help setup, stage, and maintain the days activities. Many of these tasks require moderate physical activity and some critical thinking.